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So, all kinds of crazy shit is going on in the US.

Gays can marry, but black people are still being shot by whites all the time.

Side note: (If you shoot people of your own race, sexual orientation, and religion, it's not a hate crime.
And, the vast majority of homicides in America are committed by people who, not only belong to the same group, but actually know their victim.)  

The confederate flag is on it's way out, but Trump and Jeb are running for president.
It's like a roller coaster ride here! I have know idea what 'my fellow Americans' will do.
'We the people', elected "W" not once, but twice!

So say it all goes to shit...

or... say it all went to shit back in the late 17 and 1800's.
(This is the turning point, it's becoming a steampunk post apocalypse real fast!)  

What if the Americans had lost the Revolutionary War and the Civil War?
And, the country was split apart into several different faction states.

Like minds gathered together in regions that supported their beliefs.
In this chaotic world, extremism took hold. The states were governed with brutal tactics,
but outside their borders, life could be even more dangerous. 

So here's my favorite part, the Neo-Americas...

In the far northeast is a state called called "Anglo-America".
They still pledge allegiance to English Crown.
England sends them food and supplies.
They feel superior to most other Americans,
but their laws are not as harsh to outsiders as other states.

Just below them on the eastern seaboard is a State called the "Confederate Union".
It gets some help from England but it's economy is based on slavery, so the English are discrete with their help.
It's boarders and people are heavily guarded.

Further south is a State called "The Republic".
This state gets help from the French, It allows slavery but it's boarders are open.
The rule of law within the Republic is practiced with discretion.

The land to the west of all of these States is controlled by the The American Insurgence.
A loosely allied coalition of native tribes and American militias that choose not to be ruled by foreign powers.   

Further west is pure native lands, and beyond that, it is rumored that there men from the far east. 

To the north of the states there is cold and snow and English rule.

The south of the continent is controlled by the powerful Spanish-Germanic Empire.

There could be many more states and factions, feel free to share an idea if you get inspired.

Let me know if you want to collaborate on a comic or characters or a map for this world.

Found a bunch of cool flags on line.………

Happy 4th of July!:)


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