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It was just before dawn.
All aboard the sentient ship called Tarkus were still asleep.
A faint rumbling sound from far away
shook the interior ever so slightly.
Susan rolled over in her comfy pilot's chair and continued
to dream of the time when the mind of Tarkus dwelled in a human body. 

Anka, the giant mutant, snored loudly from his bunk at the back of the ship.
The pure human named Peace dreamed of his forest homeland
far from this desolate place. 

Now in his ship state, Tarkus had a vast array of perceptive tools at his disposal.
He scanned the horizon and detected the source of the distant rumbling.
It appeared a hoard of man sized insects were stampeding toward their position.

"Susan?" Tarkus said cautiously. His pilot was not an early riser.
Tarkus un tinted his forward window to let the early morning light shine on her face.
"Susan!" He repeated with more urgency.

"Oh baby, you know I'll always love you no matter what form..." Susan shook off the dream.
The sun wasn't even up. She looked out the front window. "What the hell, Tarkus! It's not even dawn yet!"

"I'm sorry, my dear, but something is coming!" Tarkus said as he sharpened the definition of the
optical glass on his forward window.

Susan could see a thin line of gray dust appearing all along the horizon.
"Some kind of low altitude storm?" She asked.

"No, the cloud seems to be made up of a massive amount of creatures headed this way at high speed."

As he snored, Anka's nose began to twitch, he felt the rumbling on his back as his bunk began to shake
more with the approach of the hoard. A relieved smile came across his face. He opened his eyes
and sat up. "The cleaners are here! We must go out and give them what they want!"
His outburst awakened the sleeping Peace.

"What are you talking about! They will tare Tarkus to shreds! We're getting out of hear!"
Susan and Tarkus had already initiated the flight sequence. A haze of mandibles, claws and spines
became more clear before them.

"No! They don't eat metal or flesh, only dead matter, hair, dead skin, wood, paper, long fingernails."
Anka said as he disrobed and made his way to the exit door. "You'll feel cleaner than you ever have
in this god forsaken place."  

Tarkus locked the door. Susan folded her arms and stared at Anka. "You've lost your mind! You'll be eaten alive!"

"No it's ok, you tell them, boy!" Anka said looking a Peace.

"It's true!" Peace said as he struggled to get his shorts off. "We got attacked a while back, they only eat what you don't want!"

Anka began to force the door lock with his great strength.  

"He's causing damage!" Said Tarkus.

"Oh fuck it! let them go out!" Susan was irritated.

Two nature boys, one tall and orange, the other small and white stood with legs spread and arms outstretched,
awaiting the insect hoard.

Tarkus sealed the door as Susan watched nervously out the window as her two friends stood naked before a deluge...       


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Destination Shipwreck by leothefox  
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